Photo Gallery

Jean Marie Stratigos, UNAMET District Electoral Officer in Maliana, Bobonaro District, took the job of documenting in photographs several moments of the consultation process, before and after Election Day. She kindly shared her material with the Popular Consultation in East Timor site. This section is dedicated to show them. They are organized by topics. Click on each link to view an individual gallery.

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Aborted evacuation from Maliana UN base

Batugade attack

Daily events in the Bobonaro District

Departure of the last Indonesian troops from Dili

Easter celebration in Dili, 2000

Ian Martin cheered by national staff

Los Palos

Mountain City, north of Dili: post-electoral violence

New Year 2000

Only day of public campaigning in the Bobonaro District

Registration period in Bobonaro District

Return from Darwin, Australia, Fall 1999

Scenes in the UN compound in Dili during the post-electoral violence

Street scenes in Dili after the end of the post-electoral violence

Training in Darwin, Australia, and deployment in Maliana, Bobonaro District

Various photos

Various photos after the election, November 1999