Military in East Timor.

This sections presents some news related to the first days of the post-electoral conflict, contemporary to the event. They are a sample of the first local reports in English about the spread of the violence after the announcement of East Timor obtaining independence as a result of the consultation. They illustrate that, albeit not necessarily in the front pages, the international media followed the consultation process. 

Bloodshed mars start of voter registration

U.N. denies youth groups access 

Birth of a Nation (September 6, 1999)

25 dead in latest Dili violence (September 6, 1999)

Habibie under fire over East Timor independence vote (September 6, 1999)

East Timor separation good for Indonesia (September 6, 1999)

Emergency call for East Timor rejected (September 7, 1999)

Police provide last sanctuary for Timorese (September 7, 1999)

Minister urges withdrawal of assets from East Timor (September 7, 1999)

Criticisms mount over Habibie’s East Timor decision (September 7, 1999)

Anti-Indonesia protests held in Australia over East Timor (September 7, 1999)

Indonesia warned to maintain security in Indonesia (September 7, 1999)

East Timor burning (September 7, 1999)

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