Electoral Regulations

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Once the political and security agreements framed the basic parameters of the consultation process, a set of administrative regulations and procedures was required to define the  steps in organizing and participating in the vote. The U.N. Directions Relating to the Popular Consultation of the People of East Timor through a Direct Ballot serves such purpose. The composition of the Electoral Commission, registration of voters, operation of polling stations, determination of the result, and considerations on electoral malpractice are among the topics included in this document.

The Registration Procedures Manual (Part I – Registration and Polling Centers, and Part II – Collection Points) provides further details on how voters would be registered. A voter registry identifies citizens who are entitled to vote in a given election.  The May 5 agreement defined the terms of eligibility for East Timorese to cast a ballot in the consultation.  As no voter registry existed which reflected that electorate, a voter registration process was required.