Welcome to the Popular Consultation in East Timor Information Center.  The Center is a collaborative historical archive of reports, documents, photographs, videos, and personal testimonies on the 1999 Popular Consultation. It is intended to fulfill two functions.  First, it serves to provide the Timorese people with a consolidated repository of information about the electoral event which enabled the founding of their country. And, second, it provides a detailed information archive for researchers examining territorial status referenda.

Original sources of historical recollection were consulted in building this archive including Timorese participants, United Nations staff, and international election observers.   These sources contributed documents, visuals, and oral testimonies about their experience in the process.  The site has been organized by topic and chronology through the aftermath of the voting. 

The Center is also to be considered a dynamic site with viewers having personal experiences during the Popular Consultation urged to contribution their insights into the archive.  The site has been created and maintained by graduate students in Georgetown’s Democracy and Governance Program under the academic guidance of Jeff Fischer, an Adjunct Professor in the Program who served as Chief Electoral Officer for the United Nations Assistance Mission in East Timor (UNAMET).
The Center is part of Georgetown University’s Government Department’s Political Participation Project.
Student Webmasters: 
Andrea Murta (Class of 2013)
Pablo Estrada (Class of 2014)
Matt Mainuli (Class of 2015)  

Timor Leste

“… The ultimate achievement belongs to the East Timorese people, whose sustained determination would not allow the international community to close the file on the denial of their right to self-determination”. Ian Martin, former Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for the East Timor Popular Consultation